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Completed Shipments: 115,678 | Total Value: HKD162,269,878.6
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(2021-01-02) 韓國貨倉地址更新通知




Recipient: [姓名] [姓氏] ([會員號碼])

Line1: 서울특별시 중구 마장로1길 22 studio w 1208

Line2: studio w 1208 UD[會員號碼]

City: 중구 中區

ZIP: 04568

States: seoul 首爾

Tel: 010-7773-8858


請客人立即使用新韓國貨倉地址,繼續 Happy Shopping!

(2020-12-21) 冬至聖誕新年快樂!營業時間變更通告。
冬至快樂, 祝大家聖誔及新年愉快,

是日冬至(21/12) 營業到晚上6PM。

平安夜(24/12) 營業到晚上6PM。

聖誕節(25/12) 休息。

聖誕節翌日(26/12) 休息。

除夕(31/12) 營業到晚上6PM。

Merry Christmas and Happy new year
(2020-09-30) Important notice on warehouse relocation/ 紐約貨倉更改事宜

First of all, we would love to apologize and to thanks for the understanding for the delay due to the pandemic situation, 

Our partner warehouse and logistics service in New York were terribly affected due to the terrible situation in New York with staffs and managers being infected, warehouse closed, and limited staff working daily. During this pandemic situation, logistics services were given priority to transport medical supplies, other commercial or loose packages were given lower priority. Please also note that during the pandemic, we have received numbers of hand sanitizers, since they are flammable, they are restricted by the IATA, we are still looking into the documents and various ways to ship them back, as they are all in loose commercial packing. We will update you guys as soon as we sorted it out. 

In order to improve the overall user experience, we are partnering with one of the largest logistics service provider over the World and moving all services to their warehouse in New York, here is the updated address for your reference, 

Line 1 : 147-09-182nd St 

Line2: Seko co ShopEasy

City: Springfield Gardens, 

Zip: 11413  

States: New York

Please note that the old warehouse in 11434 Jamaica will no longer use… 

Please contact your shipper to change the address asap… our US partner will also inform local courier to redirect packages if possible…

我們首先想對延遲到件致歉, 並感謝各位對延遲作出體諒... 由於美國疫情嚴重,已超過600萬人感染病毒令20萬人死亡,美國紐約貨倉也有員工感染,導致貨倉也需全面詳細檢查. 疫情期間很多飛機機位也優先用作運送防疫物資,而一般貨物都會次選安排上飛機. 由於疫情下很多客人買了一些酒精搓手液到集運倉,而這些貨物是易燃危險物品貨物,屬於空運管制貨物,不能用普通空運運送, 我們現正跟不同物流公司商討運送文件及方法,希望盡快解決. 

為了提昇用戶的使用體驗,我們的紐約貨倉將轉由另一家世界知名物流服務商管理, 以下是他們的服務地點:

Line 1 : 147-09-182nd St 

Line2: Seko co ShopEasy

City: Springfield Gardens, 

Zip: 11413  

States: New York