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Terms of Use
To protect your rights, please read the following information carefully before using our services.

Terms of Service

By using USADIRECT services, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. 

USADIRECT provides you with one-stop services of logistic and shopping according to the USADIRECT terms and conditions of service (“T&Cs”). The T&Cs apply to all of our services (“services”) provided on the website of USADIRECT (domain names as: uno-buy.com or facebook.com/usatohk). All the regulations, rules, instructions etc. which has already been or to be released by USADIRECT, are treated as a part of this T&Cs together with the main text. They are with the same legal effect.
Once you have used any services provided by USADIRECT, you have thoroughly read, understood and agreed that you have committed to USADIRECT with these T&Cs. By using this website, you agree to be bound by these T&Cs. USADIRECT reserves the rights to establish and revise all the regulations, rules, instructions etc. from time to time without prior notice. USADIRECT will post the notice on this website if there is any change of these T&Cs so that you could be notified. Amendment will be effective and become part of the T&Cs once the notice is released. If you continue to use our services, it means that you have accepted the revised T&Cs. In case of any dispute, the latest T&Cs shall prevail. If you do not agree with the amendments, please stop using the services of USADIRECT. Unless the regulations are declared, any new content of service scope expansion or enhancement is bound by these T&Cs.
Before registration, please read all the T&Cs carefully. If you have any doubt, please clarify with USADIRECT staff. Once you have started using USADIRECT services, including but not limited to, enquiry tools, searching engine, registration etc., you have agreed and signed these T&Cs no matter you have actually read the T&Cs carefully or not. With this, legal effects have taken place between you and USADIRECT.

1.    Service Targets
Only companies or individuals under legally binding contract to the laws could use our services. Thus, you should be aged-18 or above. For registrant who is under 18 years old, a legal guarantor must give his/her consent before registration and using USADIRECT services. USADIRECT reserves the rights to reject providing services to any people any time. Services would not be provided for any frozen accounts and blacklisted users due to forced termination or maliciously providing incomplete and inaccurate information. 

2.    Member’s Obligations
If any of the following conditions occur, USADIRECT can refuse to provide services to the users.

-    Registrant is a minor and has no consent from a legal guarantor ;
-    Registrant is disqualified due to previous acts which violate these T&Cs ;
-    There is false, wrong or missing information in registrant’s application ;
-    Registrant has outstanding amount to be paid ;
-    Registrants with acts that hinder the operation of this website or affect the others  to enjoy our services ;
-    Other situations that USADIRECT considers as violating the regulations

To avoid the above situations from occurring, you should agree to,

-    Provide real, accurate and complete information of your current situations of you and your company during registration ;
-    Provide real, accurate and complete information of your items and delivery. Besides, you have to ensure that all the items requested could be delivered by USADIRECT ;
-    Ensure that you have paid the full amount to USADIRECT and any necessary amounts to be settled to Customs or any other Government Departments ;
-    Other regulations, rules, instructions etc. shown in these T&Cs

USADIRECT reserves the rights to revise the T&Cs and to terminate services without any prior notice. USADIRECT has to absolute right to terminate services or any parts of services any time with or without notice in advance. USADIRECT does not have any responsibility for any loss incurred to the users or third parties due to the termination of services.